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Aspire Nautilus Tank Review

The Aspire Nautilus Tank has been around for a few years and has somewhat earned a legendary status. This is a huge tank with a 5ml capacity and adjustable airflow, but it has a clearomizer-like design, which makes it unique. The fact that this tank was released way back in 2014 and we’re still talking about it tells you all that you need to know. The Aspire Nautilus is quite special. Let’s delve in and take a closer look at this device.

The Aspire Nautilus Tank is made of Stainless Steel and Pyrex glass. It feels solid and well-machined. The dimensions of the tank are 83.6mm by 22mm, and it weighs 50.5g. On top of the tank is a 510 drip tip. Although the drip tip is made of stainless steel, it doesn’t get too heated up.

As indicated above, the Aspire Nautilus can hold 5ml of e-juice. If you are concerned about the possibility of the glass tube breaking, Aspire has a stainless steel tube and sleeve that you can buy. This means, even when the device falls down, you can be assured that it won’t crack. To refill the Nautilus, you need to remove the base and pour e-juice into the tank. Be careful not the put any e-liquid in the central airflow shaft. Also, avoid overfilling the tank. Remember to let the tank sit for a while after you fill it to let the coil saturate. This Aspire tank has a huge O-ring, which prevents leaking. You’re highly unlikely to experience any leaking issues when you use this tank.

At the base area of the Aspire Nautilus Tank, there are four different airflow holes with varying sizes (1.8, 1.4mm, 1.1mm, and 0.9mm). You can only leave one hole open at a time. Despite the airflow control, I’d say this is still a mouth-to-lung device. The best you can get is restricted lung hits. Under the tank, there is a threaded stainless steel 510 pin for connecting your mod.

The Aspire Nautilus Tank comes with two different BDC (bottom dual coil) atomizers. There is a 1.6 ohm coil head (rated for 3.3V to 4.2v) and a 1.8 ohm coil head (rated for 4.2V to 5V). Both coils work well. I haven’t had any issues with them. If you are looking to get Aspire Nautilus replacement coils, head over to the Atomic Dog Vapor online store where a pack of five coils cost only $9.99.

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