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OP Juice Green Tea Review

OP Juice Green Tea presents the vapable form of pure green tea. An aromatic and lightly sweet Japanese matcha tea will put you instantly into relaxation mode, just like the feeling you get after a massage. This green tea takes inspiration from Japanese refinement and polish. OP Juice Green Tea does not feel artificial or cloyingly sweet. Instead, it feels aromatic and fine, perfect for vapers looking for highly realistic flavors. The mild bittersweet notes you get when you vape OP Juice Green Tea will be very pleasing for the discerning vaper. Herbal, clean, restorative, and Asian are the words that come to mind when vaping this. The ultimate Green Tea.

Fcukin Flava are the taste masters behind OP Juice Green Tea. Fcukin Flava is a 7-year-old Malaysian brand based in Malaysia. With a team of 30 staff, these dedicated guys make some amazing ejuices for the global vaping market. Being in the culturing melting pot of Malaysia, their taste and style are influenced by the heritage of Chinese, Indian, Malays, and Eurasian people. With a never say die attitude, they have braved many vaping exhibitions in Southeast Asia, Europe, and Japan. Dedication to quality breeds loyalty and these guys have won countless awards including 1st place in the 2019 Steam Show Mexico Vape Show. Their flavor line up is small yet disciplined, with around 20 outstanding flavors, mostly of the fruity variety.

OP Juice Green Tea contains USP Grade 50% Propylene Glycol (PG) and 50% Vegetable Glycerin (VG), making it well balanced in flavor. OP Juice Green Tea can be purchased for US10.95 per 60ml bottle and comes in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg variants. It can be purchased at the Punk Juice Vape Store. Punk Juice Vape Store ships to the USA and other countries using DHL Express with a 7 day delivery time. Punk Juice Vape Store stocks the entire line of Fcukin Flava juices and a wide range of premium quality vape juices from Malaysia. Their flavor line-up is carefully selected and tested so that vapers get only the best vape juices from Malaysia. Check them out today.