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Top pick e-juice flavors

There are thousands of vape juice flavors on the market with endless combinations of flavors. This may seem difficult to choose the right one. Some of our customers are still asking us “what are the best flavors of vape juice?” We’ve made it simpler than ever to bring you the finest e-liquid the industry has to offer. In this list, you can find this year’s top vape juice flavors. By reading or better yet scanning this article, you have the advantage of knowing this year’s best e-liquids are. After an internal survey, we have been able to pick the top-selling and best tasting vape juice flavors for you to enjoy.

Tobacco e-liquid

For some vapors, it’s impossible to separate vaping without tobacco. You can find this true by the sheer variety and versatility of the product, you can find tobacco blends that emphasize earthy notes with a product complexity as well as blends that include sweet and honey notes for lighter vapor. High PG and high VG tobacco flavor models are available, which means they can be used in several vapor devices from larger sub-ohm devices to smaller vapor starter kits, so you can find one that suits your style. Although it is robust and distinctive in taste, enabling tobacco to be vaped on its own, you will also find that it is part of more complex blends, this may consist of tobacco, caramel, and nuts. You can also find tobacco paired with menthol which balances with a smooth and cool aftertaste that it is rich notes. Although there are many flavor variations, you will find that high wattage vaping will release the dark and rich notes of tobacco as a rule of thumb; while lower watts prefer to produce an earthy and savory taste.

Fruit flavored e-juice:

Fruit Flavor e-juice is by far the most common flavor when it comes to the world of DIY vape juice recipes. Vapers can attest to the fact that there are a variety of fruits like apple, grape, banana, peach, berries, etc. Most firms sell simple fruit-flavored e-juices and even some complex combinations of fruits. If you want a fruit-infused dessert to please your sweet tooth, you’ll find plenty of e-juices that will look after your cravings. From baked pies filled with fresh berries to beautiful custards infused with flavors such as bananas and pineapples, there is everything. The fruity nature can be sensed right from the bottle opening.

Menthol Mint fans do not need to turn to sweets and gum anymore. You can add a touch of arctic coolness to your vaping experience using the mint or menthol e-liquid. Do you want to buy something a bit more powerful? Menthol vape juice will give you an exciting blast of flavor that lasts long after you turn off your package. Have you got a sweet tooth? Try a mix of menthol and fruit with a kick to get something sweet. They will revitalize your taste buds and make any vaper’s tongue soothe. Menthol flavors are also the best choice you can make whether you feel allergic, cold, or flu under the sun. When it comes to DIY e-juice everyone’s taste buds also have a different perception. It is therefore sometimes difficult to indicate the dosage which will be satisfying. A lot of the recommendations out there are dependent on preferences. Flovorah is a company that I know you would like. Ask me why? They have all the flavors you can imagine even more. Flavorah is used by the best e-juice brands and best e-juice recipes. Get your next e-liquid for a DIY e-juice from Flavorah today!