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5 Fast Growing Cubensis Strains for Newbie Growers

Growing magic mushrooms is becoming popular as more people take up mycology as a hobby. It may seem complicated to grow mushrooms, but it can be easy and fun. You must follow instructions, use the right tools, watch fungi develop, and wait for harvest.

There are over 200 strains of mushrooms belonging to the Psilocybe cubensis species. For several reasons, not all strains are ideal for beginners to grow. If you’re new to growing, it’s advisable to start experimenting with strains that are easy to cultivate, and resistant to contamination.

We’ll be going through some of the fastest-growing cubensis strains (magic mushroom) in this post.

1. Z Strain

The Z Strain is reputed to be the fastest-growing magic mushroom strain around. This strain is widely sought-after by beginners for its aggressive colonization rate and high yields. The Z Strain is also known to have a high contamination resistance and produces flushes quickly.

The Z Strain grows in subtropical temperatures around 75 F (24 C). You can grow this mushroom on enriched soil, grain, straw, compost, equine, and bovine dung.

2. Alacabenzi

The Alacabenzi strain is popular among growers and is one of the easiest cubensis to grow. The spores of this strain are hard to come by, but easy to cultivate. Under the right conditions, the Alacabenzi has a relatively fast colonization time. Things only get slow when growing conditions are not optimal. This strain has one of the shortest fruiting times of all cubensis strains.

The Alacabenzi strain is also resistant to contamination and thrives in subtropical climates. You can grow the Alacabenzi strain on substrates like bovine, equine dung, and enriched soil.

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3. B+ (Psilocybe Cubensis)

B+ is another cubensis strain known for being versatile and easy to grow. This mushroom strain is known to perform well both indoors and outdoors. B+ can also adapt to a range of temperatures and substrates. This strain produces large fruit bodies with moderate to potent psilocybin content.

Although B+ does not have the fastest colonization rate, it is versatile, resistant to contamination, and easy to cultivate with relatively little work.

4. Ecuadorian

Ecuadorian is a cubensis strain famous for being easy to grow. This mushroom gets its name from Ecuador, where it originates. Ecuadorian comes from the mountains in the Andes.

The Ecuadorian strain is known for being easy to grow and for its golden-colored mushrooms. Ecuadorian is also versatile and can grow in a variety of substrates. The colonization speed of Ecuadorians is average but performs well indoors and produces excellent flushes.

5. Golden Teacher

The Golden Teacher mushroom is one of the most popular strains in the psilocybin family. This strain is widely sought-after for its easy growth and balanced psychoactive effects. The Golden Teacher mushroom is usually recommended for beginners to grow.

The Golden Teacher strain has a long history of being domesticated and can be grown via spore syringes or prints. This strain can be grown on dung from grazing herbivores.