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How To Use a Herb Grinder - Weed Grinder Guide

How To Use a Herb Grinder – Weed Grinder Guide

If you have been smoking and you do not use a herb grinder, then you are not getting the most out of your smoking experience. Many people already take them for granted, while many don’t even know what they are, not to talk about what they are used for. Grinders are an essential piece of smoking equipment that every committed smoker should have. However, just before you go ahead and get one, you want to know how to use it, and then how to go about choosing the perfect grinder…

What Is A Grinder?

The first step on your journey to more potent smoking experiences is knowing what a grinder is. It is a small device or container with “teeth ” that you use to grind your nugs of the herb into smaller pieces before you smoke them. They come in a variety of sizes. A good place to find these will be Atomic Dog Vapor. Three of the most common types are:

  • Two-piece grinders (single chamber): These are made up of a small bowl and a lid. 
  • Three-piece grinders (two-chamber): This is like a two-piece grinder with an added piece underneath. 
  • Four-piece grinders (three-chambers): This is a three-piece grinder with a collection chamber featuring a mesh screen and under that, a kief chamber.

Every grinder must have at least these three components:

  1. A grinding chamber
  2. Teeth or pegs that do the actual grinding
  3. A lid to keep everything sealed
How To Use a Herb Grinder - Weed Grinder Guide

How To Use A Grinder

Regardless of the type of grinder you get, so long as you have those three components, simply follow this guide and you should be on your way without any hitches.

  1. Load Your Grinder

Take off the lid from the grinder. Break your bud into small pieces and place in the grinder. Make sure you do not put anything in the grinder as that is where everything pivots and hemp put there will not get ground. Close the lid when you are done loading your hemp. 

  1. Grind Your Hemp

Hold the bottom of the grinder with one hand and with the other, rotate the lid. There will be a little resistance when you first do this but as you continue, you should begin to feel the resistance fade away. 

  1. Tap The Grinder

Tapo your grinder on the palm of your hand or against a table before you take off the lid. This would help to remove any hemp particles in the collection chamber and push more kief through the screen. 

  1. Collect Your Hemp

Separate the grinding chamber from the collecting chamber. Take out your ground hemp making sure to not damage the screen in the case of a four-piece grinder. 

From here on you can enjoy your freshly ground hemp.

How To Use a Herb Grinder - Weed Grinder Guide

Benefits of Using A Grinder 

  • When you grind your herb before smoking, you make it more potent. This is because grinding it creates more consistent pieces, this, in turn, maximizes the surface area and makes the herb easier to burn. 
  • It limits the amount of contact your bud has with your hand thereby preventing your skin from absorbing trichomes.
  • Grinding your herb also uncovers the pleasant tastes and smells that particular strain has to offer. 
  • Compared to using your hand, a grinder can do the job of sifting your herb into usable pieces in less time so you get to smoke much sooner.
  • Since grinding your hemp makes it more potent, it means that you would not have to use as much of the ground substance to feel the same effects. 
  • Smaller pieces of hemp burn more evenly and completely, cutting down on the unground plant matter that can end up giving you a harsh smoking experience. 

Where To Get A Grinder

Just like we mentioned earlier, Atomic Dog Vapor is a good place to begin your search. You even get custom-made grinders like Rick and morty grinder that are sold for only $11.99 and come in Pink, Black, and Green.