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Yocan X Wax Concentrate Vape Pen Review

Yocan is an emerging vape brand taking the world by storm. This brand, which is based in China, has a line of high-quality vaporizers ideal for dry herb, concentrates, oils, and e-liquids. This company is focused on quality and uses high-quality materials ro make its products. Although Yocan has many impressive products in its collection, this review will focus on the Yocan X Wax Concentrate vape pen. 

The Yocan X Wax Concentrate vape pen is designed to be simple and easy to use by anyone. The X Wax device has a rectangular-shape and is not as light as other vape systems on the market. Despite its weight, the Yocan X Concentrate vape pen is smaller and is a little bigger than a lighter. This vaping system can be held easily and can fit into the pocket without weighing it down. 

The Yocan X Wax Concentrate comes with one button that makes using it easily without any complications. The Wax vape devices has a 500 mAh battery that can last for a whole day. This Wax vape pen charges quickly and takes about 40 minutes to get fully charged. The device uses a USC-C charger. The body of this battery is fitted with strong magnets that keep the atomizer and mouthpiece in place. 

The Yocan X Wax Concentrate vape pen comes with a plastic mouthpiece with a hole underneath for airflow. This mouthpiece is made of silicone, which keeps it from heating up even if you vape for a long time. The silicone mouthpiece also helps retain more flavor. This mouthpiece is placed at the top of this vape pen. You can easily remove the mouthpiece to expose the coils. 

The Yocan X Wax Concentrate comes with a Dual Quartz Coil. The Dual Quartz coils help the vape pen heat faster than others. Also, these coils ensure that you get huge clouds with every hit. Even if you use a small amount of Wax, you are sure to have big clouds. The Dual Quartz coil also has low heat retention and is fragile, so it should not be overused. You will probably get about 5 to 6 hits before you have to dab again. 

The Yocan X Wax Concentrate vape pen has a single button that can be used to start and turn this device off. You can also use this button to select the voltage settings. The pre-heat mode is activated by pressing the button twice. 

To turn on the Yocan X Wax Concentrate vape pen, you have to press the button five times in a row. Another five clicks will put it off. To change the voltage settings, you need to press the button thrice. For heating, you need to hold the power button down for some time. 

The Yocan X Wax Concentrate vape pen is available for sale at the Atomic Dog Vapor online shop for $17.99.