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Vuse Vype ePod System Review

There are many vaping systems available on the market for people looking to switch from smoking to vaping. The health benefits vaping has over smoking has been studied extensively. The Vuse Vype ePod is one of the newest around. This device is sleek and made to have a modern look. This vaping system comes in different colors: Rose Gold, Silver, Granite, and Matte Black. This ePod is pocket-sized, and you can carry it around without any discomfort. This ePod has the dimensions of 10.3 cm x 1.9 cm x 1.0 cm.

The Vuse Vype ePod system has premium specs hence its great performance activities. This vaping system has a high-quality battery with a 350mAh capacity. You are likely to get about 195 puffs with this battery, which can last a whole day. The battery of this device weighs approximately 23g and can be charged via a USB port. The battery takes about 80 minutes to get fully charged. The ePod system has an LED green light that flashes about 10 times to indicate that the battery is getting low.

The Vuse Vype ePod device does not come with any buttons but works by you taking a puff. This vaping system uses refillable pods that come with different concentration levels of nicotine. You can buy these pods with either 18mg, 34mg, or 57mg of nicotine. These pods are also available with different flavors. These pods can hold about 1.9ml of e-juice. Examples of these flavors are Golden Tobacco, Mango, Watermelon, Smooth Mint, Strawberry, Berry, Blueberry, Cucumber, Cool Peppermint, Aromatic Tobacco, Blood Orange, Polar Mint, Passion fruit, Lychee, Vanilla Smooth Tobacco, Rich Tobacco, and Lemon Berry.

You can get about 275 puff from the Vuse Vype ePod pods. Each pod comes with two pods per pack. And you can buy a pack of a Vype pod for $10.00 at the

This vape store is based in Canada and has some of the vaping best deals. And you can buy the Vype ePod for only $8.00. Hazetown Vapes also vaping systems from other brands besides Vuse in its collection. Examples of these brands are SPIRE, SMOK, STLTH, IJOY, Joye Tech, Innokin, Voopoo, Vandy Vape, GEEKVAPE, and FREE MAX, Lost Vape, Suorin, Dot Mod, PHIX by MLV, Puff Plus, Puff Bar, Myle, Allo Bar, Juul, and many others.

You get $4 off every second pack of a Vise ePod cartridge you buy from Hazetown Vapes. This online shop also sells pods from other brands. You can also purchase e-liquid and other vaping accessories such as tanks, rebuildable dripping atomizers (RDA), and others. Hazetown Vapes is open from Monday to Saturday 10:00 am – 8:00 pm. On Sunday, this store is opened from 10:00 – 5:00 pm EST.

This store has fast shipping and excellent customer service experienced at shipping to customers across the world.