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Puff Bar Disposable E-Cigarette Pod Vape by Puff Review
E-Cigarette Review

Puff Bar Disposable E-Cigarette Pod Vape by Puff Review

The Puff Bar disposable e-cigarette provides you with a convenient all-in-one (AIO) nicotine delivery system. The device is designed to make it feel like you were vaping an actual cigarette, mimicking the strong throat hits using salt nicotine ejuice. Getting a hang of the device is a breeze, even if you have never handled a vape device before. 

A Close Look at the Puff Bar

You probably might mistake the Puff Bar disposable pod vape with the popular JUUL. Matter of fact, many of the disposable e-cigarettes on the market do not have so much of a difference in terms of form factor. The difference comes to play in what each device offers to you. Like the JUUL, the Puff Bar takes on a rectangular and compact shape with straight edges that allow for better grip. In terms of size, the Puff Bar measures 96mm x 6mm making it small enough to fit comfortably in your jeans or your hand. The device is lightweight so you will not have issues carrying it about even for a long time. 

Puff Bar Disposable E-Cigarette Pod Vape by Puff Review

The whole idea behind the Puff Bar being disposable is because you cannot refill the ejuice pod, neither can you recharge the inbuilt battery. Once you are done with it, that’s it, you throw it away and pick up another one. Luckily, they are not expensive so you can afford to get one without breaking a sweat. 

The entire components of the Puff Bar are housed within a sturdy plastic cover. There are no seams whatsoever on the body of the device. Even the mouthpiece of the device is not obvious. The plastic cover of the Puff Bar comes in a variety of colors, this depends on the flavor of ejuice you get. There are no buttons or ports on the body of the device. All you get is the Puff logo, the name of the flavor profile, and a small arrow directly above the Puff logo. The arrow points towards the end of the device that carries two escape holes where you will be inhaling the vapor from.

Ejuice Pod

The Puff Bar features a 1.3ml ejuice pod. The pod comes prefilled with a Puff Bar ejuice formula. You cannot access the ejuice pod because it is sealed away inside the Puff Bar. Considering its high nicotine content, the device will last you for a long time before you are done with it. The pods come in an assortment of mouthwatering ejuice flavors that you can find at Atomicdogvapor. On both the inhale and exhale, the flavor is rich and satisfying. 


If you are a vaper with a knack for heavy doses of nicotine, the Puff Bar is the right solution. The Puff Bar disposable pod device is available with both 20MG (2%) and 50MG (5%) nicotine concentrations which are perfect for transitioning smokers looking to kick the habit for good. The device uses salt nicotine rather than freebase nicotine because salt nicotine can accommodate high levels of nicotine and still deliver smooth throat hits. 


Encapsulated in the plastic cover of the Puff Bar is the non-rechargeable 280mAh battery that is just enough to keep you vaping until you are done with the ejuice in the pod. Together with the 1.3ml ejuice, the Puff Bar promises about 200 to 300 puffs which is equivalent to a pack of cigarettes. 

Puff Bar Disposable E-Cigarette Pod Vape by Puff Review


The Puff Bar is a slightly loose mouth-to-lung (MTL) device that delivers a strong and powerful throat hit depending on the level of nicotine you choose. The airflow cannot be adjusted but the draw is still able to reward you with rich flavor and vapor. Its no cloud beast, but it will still leave you satisfied. 


Puff Bar disposable vape comes in a unique package. The device is sealed in a box that you can open using a top flap. On the body of the box is all the necessary information regarding the device and its contents. Also, there is a small viewing window on the body of the box that allows the color of the Puff Bar inside to stand out. The device is sold in units at an affordable price. While your average local vape stores may sell the Puff Bar disposable only $7.99, Atomic Dog Vapor sell much cheaper at $4.99 allowing you to save a little extra so you can get even more Puff Bars for your vape collection. 

In the end, the Puff Bar disposable vape device is worth every penny.