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ADV Menthacco New by Atomic Dog Vapor

If you like e-liquids based on menthol then there’s a chance you’ll enjoy Menthacco. This Atomic Dog Vapor vape juice has an outstanding taste mixing the menthol and tobacco flavor. The taste of the flavors of mint and tobacco are of high quality and are blended excellently. Neither of these aromas in Menthacco is too strong or overpowers the other. The Atomic Dog Vapor Menthacco e-liquid also has a good taste and does not taste harsh because it lacks some chemical flavors. Menthacco is an enjoyable combination that can be vaped for the entire day. And this e-juice has a pleasant inhalation and exhale that can easily flow. The tobacco flavor is earthy and combines well with the mint leaves’ coolness.

The Menthol e-juice by Atomic Dog Vapor has 70% and 30 % respectively vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratios. Using a rebuildable Dripping Atomizer (RDA) or a sub-ohm tank, you can vape Menthacco. Menthacco won’t mess your coils up. Atomic Dog Vapor’s Menthacco is the sort of e-juice that will send you tons of thick vapor clouds. This e-liquid is ideal for making cloud tricks. The Atomic Dog Vapor Menthacco comes with varying levels of nicotine concentration. With 0 mg, 3 mg, 6 mg or 24 mg of nicotine, you can get this e-juice. Menthacco has a mild throat hit that won’t make you feel uncomfortable with your throat. Atomic Dog Vapor Menthacco comes in various bottle sizes. This e-juice can be bottled in a 30ml or 124ml bottle. This vape juice is sold at an affordable price at the Atomic Dog Vapor online store. You can get a 30 ml bottle of Menthacco e-juice for $8.99

The smell by itself is a killer. The production of vapors is cloud death. I disappeared and went to the heaven of clouds and vapors. I’ve been able to puff and exhale long, thick clouds that remain floating but the feeling you get from the Menthacco is indescribable. This is something you can easily play with. I like how Atomic Dog Vapor Menthacco keeps glued to my hands with my mod and tank. I can vape this all day long.

I will recommend the Menthacco to those who are looking for a tobacco-based vape juice or those moving from being a smoker to becoming a vaper. It’s powerful enough to emulate the tobacco hits but also calming to relieve your puffing itch. It denotes at some point a sweet cinnamon-ish mix which intensifies the flavor. It could pass as a flavor profile for dessert. The Atomic Dog Vapor Menthacco is an e-juice style borderline tobacco and dessert. I ‘d most probably keep that in my rotation. And of course, there will be a repurchase on the bigger bottle soon. I think that I just found the perfect e-liquid based on tobacco that suits my taste very well.