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Storing E-liquid

E-liquid is an essential and fairly costly part of vaping, particularly if you know some super-premium juices. Many vapers have also developed their DIY eliquid recipes or stored their favorite forms of e-liquid products. All right, so now you have a lot of juice – this can be a big deal for any vaper working with a limited budget. The more you buy in bulk the longer you need to store the ejuice. This simply means you can save more. In this article, I will share with you a few tips to keep the e-liquid fresh with every bit of nicotine to use every day.

Avoid heat

Heat and e-liquids are not so many friends. This is why they have to be kept in a safe spot. Without being too scientific, heat can affect your ejuice’s molecular actions. Sometimes this transition leads to a change of flavor or decay. It is important to simply keep your liquid at comfortable room temperature. Nevertheless, most vapors store their ejuices in the refrigerator or freezer. Don’t worry, if your e-juice is not freezing. Nonetheless, it will be much thicker after exposure to air. So give it some few minutes to warm up before attempting to vape it. The best choice for long-term storage is freezing, but note that this reduces the taste. However, if you know that you will not need the juice long, it is better to let the whole thing spoil.

Seal ejuice before storage

Temperature and sunlight are the two greatest enemies of e-juices. But did you know that there is also another prevalent enemy? It’s just the air. Oxygen is known to bind with nicotine to create what is known as cotinine, so if you use e-juice with nicotine within it, you would possibly find a substantial loss of nicotine if your e-juice is long exposed to air. It is almost difficult to remove all the oxygen from interacting with your e-juice. But by tightly sealing your e-juice bottles, you can keep most air out of them and avoid the oxidation cycle. You can stop the e-juice evaporation by making sure your bottles are airtight.

Find a good storage place.

It is important to find a good place to store your e-liquid so that the liquid stays fresh. Ideally, as with food products, a refrigerator will be the safest place to store your e-liquid for a long time. You can also use a box, cupboard or drawer, though, you need a quiet, cool and dry spot to sit your e-liquid. Preferably, it’s a place you won’t forget about the liquid because you can store it up to two years!

Such storage spaces will make it easy to reach the liquid when you need it, but it will also not be outside, where it can be destroyed by the three main elementary enemies of the e-liquids: heat, light, and air. Your set of vape juice is an investment you wish to take care of. Following these easy and quick eJuice storage tips, your favorite bottles should prolong their life and flavor. In case you are wondering how to get the best flavor for your ejuice you can try Flavorah. Flavorah is used by the best ejuice brands and best ejuice recipes.